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Thursday, July 28, 2016

like running in flip flops

More on running form. But isn’t that what we’re here for? 

Do you remember that moment when you first tried to run in flip flops as a kid and it was nearly impossible—they either flew right off and you burned the soles of your bare feet on the hot blacktop or they tangled up and tripped you, skinning your knees… Then you tried squeezing your toes together as you ran and that helped a little—keeping the flip flops on but making it hard to run. Maybe that’s as far as you got that summer. Maybe it took a few more hot summers in flip flops to let go—to spread your toes, to reach out with them like the claws that they are, to set your feet free—and the flip flops stayed on—and you ran…

I had that feeling again on a recent run—that claws out feeling. Strangely, maybe, I was wearing my running shoes. But they’re appropriately not too tight and they’re just stating to get broken in nice and cozy—around 300 miles so far. 

Just another joyful running epiphany… (epiFootny?) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

roller girl

I’ve seen a young woman roller skating through my neighborhood a few times over the last week. It’s hard to guess her age - maybe her roller skates are throwing me off. Maybe late teens or early twenties? She’s not just wobbling around the block, either. She’s got a destination - she seems to be commuting somewhere. She looks so natural and confidant, like she’s been skating her whole life - she flows. And she looks so happy! She always smiles and says Hello! Good morning! She is quite possibly the happiest commuter in the world - and why wouldn’t she be? She probably feels like a little kid playing, enjoying, skating. She makes my day.   

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

there she is

Riding a bike through a construction zone can often be a little challenging. Even when the road construction workers have planned ahead to get parking restrictions and cones set up and traffic flaggers in place it seems they all too often forget about the fact that bicycles pass along these roads, too. 

I experienced this today. As I approached the construction zone I noticed the flagman’s face twist in uncertainty. But, to his credit, he recovered quickly and directed me through with a smile and a wave. As I passed by he noticed the empty child seat on the back of the bike - Where’s the baby? he called out. I’m gonna go getter, I responded… 

And that I did. We returned, Maz&I, along the same route in reverse…

By then the road workers were on lunch break—but not far from the road. We, Maz&I, zipped along, downhill this time. Our construction friend from earlier waved first this time and as we passed by he called out, There she is! 

It was really quite a nice moment… 

Monday, May 23, 2016

air filters

Don't forget to change your heat/ac filters every three months...

And why not do it by bike... Note the three clips holding it to the rack...