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Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunset at sunset

I like riding Sunset Blvd at sunset. Like yesterday, riding from “the cornfields” to Silver Lake after Tour de Fat, which by the way was freakin coolio.


A Midnight Rider said...

I was walking Sunset Blvd a few years ago with my son. It seemed to have changed after dark. We looked around and decided to leave. Is that still the case?

Mindful Mule said...

Yeah, there’s probably a few stretches of Sunset that get a little sketchier after dark – further west than I was – maybe through the Hollywood area – although, it seems that area has been improving a lot lately – definitely, the road surface gets rougher and lots of cars. On the route map below, my ride on Sunset was only on the first 4 miles or so before it turns west.
Sunset Blvd Map

I’d forgotten that Sunset goes all the way to the beach. That would be a great ride someday. A bit hilly towards the end but then there would be ample reward seeing the Pacific and having lunch at Gladstones .

A Midnight Rider said...

My son reminds me that we were on Hollywood Blvd. I did point out the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. He also remembers that being very dangerous feeling after dark.

Mindful Mule said...

well, same idea, they’re only about a block apart.