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Friday, February 4, 2011

another snippet (to Noah); Or, the art of blowing off a run up Mt. Wilson

I'm close to saying yes to this. But I'm not quite there. Maybe I need to let it filter through my head for a while and join you on the next one. I have trouble with early mornings and I have trouble with cars. (But I don't have trouble with dogs!) I know this makes things difficult for the average trail runner out there. But there are occasions when I'm awake early enough to ride to a trailhead. And there are occasions when I'll accept your generous offer of a car ride. I mean one could make the argument that if you're going there anyway, picking me up isn't that much of a load on the earth, you know. So let's say, keep me in mind for future running adventures and let's hope that I come along eventually. I hope this doesn't sound totally ridiculous. But I know that runners have their ways and sometimes it just takes a little time to fit two runners together. How long is the trail anyway, like 14m round trip with 4000'?

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