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Thursday, February 24, 2011

cool mini flash flood

…running down in the arroyo this morning… right along the channel next to the fence, I heard gushing behind me. I looked back to see a rushing wave of water complete with sticks and other floaty junk traveling twice my speed downstream through the cemented flood control channel of the creek and carrying about twice the volume of water that it was overtaking.

There’s some more rain due this weekend so they’re probably flushing out some of the dam water to add space. A very small and safe and man-made flood but pretty cool to witness all the same. Like a little science experiment to demonstrate the power and speed of a real flash flood.

Just downstream of where the water quickly passed me by the flood crashed with all its force into a small naturalized area with no channel but only managed to scare a few ducks into flight, the flood’s energy easily dissipated by nature's superior flood guidance system – below which all was calm, not even a ripple.

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JustinM said...

Glad you didn't get swept away. See, this is why I don't exercise...