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Thursday, May 12, 2011

dove bars again

At this stage in the long progression of continual adjustment and change that goes along with bicycling (and life) I’ve put the Dove Bars back into the mix. I originally got these bars for the SSSSfixie but then decided I wanted to go with the original bars for that bike. Recently I’ve been changing the adjustment a lot on Mindful Mule’s bars. I just can’t quite nail the right set-up. The Dove bars have just been lying around in the shed so I figured, in a moment of spontaneous unplanned activity following long months of semi-conscious calculation that I’d swap bars. The idea is that this will give me approximately the same hammer-time positioning that the Mary bars provided “in the hoods” so to speak even though neither of these bars technically have hoods but at least a nice curvy area up front where your hands can push out forward a bit to pretend time trial. And provide some more upright positioning when I’m just tootling around or in traffic or whatnot because the bar ends come back at a tighter angle, almost straight back and closer to my body. Both bars, the Mary and the Dove were/are mounted upsidedown as is my preference because that seems to enhance the handling and reduce flex. We’ll see how long this lasts.

1 comment:

mindful mule said...

It will last approximately 28 hours. Back to the Upside-down Mary Bars today. I’m a freak.