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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ride this PM? [message snippet]

Good riding with you yesterday. A bit of a different style then we normally ride together but a fun ride all the same. One that will be perfect when we're seventy. But we're not seventy yet and my riding seems to be slipping a bit. And/or I'm sick but what excuse is that? And/or I'm running too much (from the bike's perspective.) I think I need to get out and spin spin spin. All my rides lately have been "dirty" as opposed to "clean" in that they've not been good long sustained rides. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, soon, I want to put on my stretch suit and ride ride ride. Long and clean. Not super hills or traffic or stops. I want to get down in my time trial position and spin out all the cobwebs. Ride this pm?


Kristina said...

Hope you got your ride on! I like the description - "time trial position". Maybe watch clips of the 2011 Tour for inspiration beforehand?

mindful mule said...

Ah, yes, what a Tour!
And, yes, I did get in a sweet spinout the cobwebs ride last night on “purplepeopleeater,” thanks.