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Monday, June 11, 2012

I’ve been through the desert on a [bike] with no name

One day you’ll saddle up early in the morning and ride into the sunrise, continuing relentlessly through the day’s heat and sun, taking the road all the way to the end until it turns into dust before a desert sunset.

And when it’s done, you won’t quite know why you did it or exactly what was gained, but something will have been satisfied, something deep down will be content.

Perhaps long afterwards you’ll hear it’s song playing through your head again and know something more, something of the why, of the satisfaction, something of time and distance and space… something of a journey, of a ride… of a life.



Kristina said...

Welcome back to "civilization"! Can't wait to hear about the journey and the adventures.

JustinM said...

And here I was all pleased with myself for having walked five miles. I guess that's why I'm me and you're you.

mindful mule said...

Thanks, Kristina. We should convene at our regular corner table to debrief our various adventures soon!

Justin, perhaps some sort of walking the boroughs day with lots of café and pub stops could be dreamed into existence. You can always take the train back home.

Joe D said...

I thought all of your bikes had names.

mindful mule said...

Hey Joe. Thanks for dropping by the blog. I was riding “Purple People Eater,” which is sort of its name, I guess, but also just the name that Masi gave it. But the song “A Horse With No Name” was running through my head for the days surrounding the ride so I couldn’t resist using that title.