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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Brunch Ride

T. Phillip's Alehouse and Grill
Glendora, California
I loved this place. Never been to Glendora before. Cool little revitalized "old town" district with lot's of nice restaurants to choose from. We, 4 riders, chose the one with a cool, dark bar with lots and lots of beer taps and a bison, 2 wild pigs, and one of those rabbits with antlers mounted on the walls. Really, can't wait to go back. Great spot. Great salad for me. And great looking burgers and omelettes for the others. And peanut shells on the floor. And like ten taps of Stone Brewery - nice, nice. Oh, and 32 ounce mugs of ice water to accompany our thirst from the ride out there. Like fifty miles and change. 

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