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Thursday, October 25, 2012

doughnut houses

For a while now, maybe even a couple years, I've been noticing doughnut houses, or donut shops, or whatever you prefer, when out riding my bike. Most notable to me are the small, independent, mom&pop shops with unique and/or simple names. It seems they're almost always tucked away in the corner of some sort of mini strip mall, which doesn't really seem an ideal location to sit and have a doughnut and a coffee, but I guess that's what's affordable these days. Their connection to biking is two fold. One, I'm always hungry on the bike and from many early-years experiences my body knows just what handy morsel will end my calorie crisis, and fast. And the smells waft out into the street to grab you. On almost every ride I smell fresh baked goodness. Second, as is so often noted, one notices a lot about the neighborhood from the saddle. It's really amazing, the difference - like a whole 'nother world. A friend of mine recently sent me a link about the new trend in combining coffee houses with bike shops. Well, for the would-be entrepreneur out there, I'd say make it a doughbike shop and you'll be in business - of course, you'll want coffee available, too - an beer, naturally. I never get around to stopping at these doughnut spots but I fear that I should or else they will be gone forever, like so many other little shops around the country, classic small town nooks, disappearing before the corpormatronimarts. So I should stop. What's the rush anyway. No need to speed into the future. I can always count on the added sugar spike to pull me back into the peloton. 


JustinM said...

1) I actually got excited when I saw the title because I thought this would be about actual houses made of donuts. That's my bad, though.

2) Golden Donuts in La Canada was so freaking good when I was in high school. (It may still be, but I have not been there in 15 years.) Sometimes we would go there during the five-minute break between morning classes even though it was impossible to get there and back, but there were two teachers who gave us a lot of leeway (when we were seniors) if we brought them a donut.

3) You can already see the logo, no? Two donuts as wheels?

mindful mule said...

Perfect logo!
Mmmmm… doughnut house…..