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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Free Brunch on Brown Mtn

Solo (they usually are) run up Brown this morning to find a peanut butter GU pack lying on the side of the trail - likely lost to a cyclist as they bumped their way down the trail. It was all sealed up and who really knows how long it had been there but I figured this was a gift brunch from god so I ate it at the top of the mountain. The mountain will provide… 


Kristina said...

You've scored on your recent runs! The running gods are kind when they want to be.
I wasn't sure what state the trails would be in after the rains on Thursday, but they seemed to have survived.

mindful mule said...

Yes, the trails were great! Actually, better than they've been - less dusty. It's mostly decomposed granite up there so it all drains out quickly - no mud.