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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rubber bands, man

Now that the temps have dropped a bit I've been wearing long pants for my evening rides into town. For years I've been a roll-up-your-pant-cuffs kind of guy. I'd usually do two neat folds on both sides - so they match - otherwise I might always be turning right - or left(?). Suddenly, this season, things have changed and I've grown into that weird eccentric bicycle man that wears rubber bands around his ankles to hold his cuffs in place. When off the bike/in the pub you can leave the rubber bands on you ankle under the pant cuffs for quick storage and retrieval. I'm okay with this development. In fact, perhaps, almost proud - or happy about it, anyway, and hope to see further developments along these lines into the future. It's what the Mule would want. 


A Midnight Rider said...

My newest bike bought on Black Friday has a chain guard. It's a Felt SS.

mindful mule said...

Sweet. Can't wait to see it!