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Sunday, January 6, 2013

the road less travelled (by road bike)

I rode a short distance up this dirt road on the road bike this morning. It's a place I've been a lot on the mtb and on foot. But never on the roadie. It was a lot of fun to stretch the limits of the 23mm tires. Nice and slow. But oh so fun. A  winter morning ride along a forest road - wool sweaters and cold toes. I'll remember this short section of the ride more than most. One of those moments, you know… 


Kristina said...

What great pictures! I'm getting inspired to get back on the bike this month. Soon!
Speaking of cold, I saw people biking in Boulder when it was, I kid you not, around 20 degrees. I admired but did not envy them! Okay, maybe I envied their fortitude and their booties (the shoe kind).

mindful mule said...

Some day I hope to be able to provide better photo quality here. But for now, small, blurry shots that my phone can barely transmit, needing to shut down a few times during each attempt, will have to suffice.

I finally have proof that it's just as cold here as everywhere else:

I need to figure out a way to keep my feet warm. I might try plastic baggies next weekend!