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Monday, February 4, 2013

all day bike path

Although I don't do a lot of bike path riding I spent most of the day yesterday on a path following two rivers through the area. It was particularly nice to just spin and spin and spin for long periods of time without having to stop for cross traffic or deal with cars in any way. It really allows you to cover a lot of ground with significantly less effort than riding on the street. And even though these rivers have long ago been cemented into their chutes it was great to follow their waters all the way to the sea and then look back and see the distant snow capped peaks providing the flow from far off in the hazy sky. 


Kristina said...

Sounds like a great ride! Glad that you didn't encounter any problems and have to do some judo moves during your ride.

mindful mule said...

Yeah, it was smooth and easy cruising and a lot nicer than I expected.
Of note: this was not the San Gabriel River Trail to Seal Beach of which I've heard some ill rumors. It was the Rio Hondo to LA River to Long Beach. I was with a group of six but would have felt perfectly safe alone.

Kristina said...

Ah - I did think that it was Seal Beach trail. Sounds like a fabulous ride.