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Friday, May 10, 2013

one less rain ride

I had a chance to get in one last rain ride for the season last night. I passed. I got in the car and rode home with "the ladies." It was a bit of a downpour. Unexpected. I could have just waited about several minutes and it would have mostly passed, leaving me to glide through scattered drops between bisected rosy and turbulent dusk skies. Might have been nice. A memory I'll never have but probably dream about. So today I'll run up and retrieve the Mule from one of its very rare nights away from the shed (she spent the night in luxury - dry and warm and safe) and ride back down the hill. 


Kristina said...

Thursday night - that was a such a surprise and a treat! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more rain these days, but I think that it's a futile hope.

mindful mule said...

Yes, summer rain is cool. We'll be lucky to see another drop before November.