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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Angeles Crest Mirror [message snippet]

I finally got a chance to test out my new rearview mirror on The Crest this last Sunday. And while it's not exactly perfect I have to say that it really did make the descent experience a lot more pleasurable and I think safer. In the past I've always felt like I really needed to hug the right side of the lane for too much of the time because I could never tell if a car was behind me (too much wind in the ears) without looking back. This last descent though was fantastic as I could edge out into the center of the lane for much of it and really get a good tuck-and-fly feeling going down. It was also a fairly low traffic day up there which made things nice as well. The mirror has an easy on/off strap so I'll just use it on days when I'm planning to go up the hill. It can attach almost anywhere but it seemed the best and least hand position restricting and line of sight restricting spot was on the left bar end. Not a super easy place to look at when you're free falling at 35 miles an hour but okay enough. I have to recommend it.

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