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Monday, November 18, 2013

1000 Mile Club

The One Thousand Mile Shoe Club welcomes Mizuno Wave Precision! Those last 100 miles or so sure did take a long while but we finally crossed the milestone over this last weekend on a solo run up Brown Mountain. Amazingly, I think I'll keep running in these for a while. Will we make 1200?

Before: 0 miles.

After: 1000 miles.


Kristina said...

Congrats on making it to 1,000 and on keeping track! I've become better at tracking mileage, but it's still a bit of a loose system, even with my new attachment to the garmin!
Mike wants to know if you keep track of other quantities/consumables.

mindful mule said...

Thanks, Kristina&Mike. Actually, I used to keep track of burritos consumed on this blog! But I'm guessing you want to know something about Cadillacs… how many I've been doored by and how many I've drunked. At least one each…