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Friday, July 25, 2014

wet vs. dry lube

Chain oil. It's the one bike maintenance thing we all know about and know how to use. But when you start to think about it too much it can really leave you uncertain about which of several available bottles of lube one should buy and apply. 

I'm just coming to the end of a bottle of White Lightning Clean Lube, I think their calling it now, and while I sort of liked it I also found it to be very messy in it's application and not very long lasting. I did like that, as a dry lube, it had a waxy coating that flakes off as you ride and presumably takes away dirt with it. So all my drivetrains are much cleaner and clearer than ever before. But it seems to only last a week or two and when it goes it goes fast - one moment you're riding along fine and the next there's a family of baby mice squeaking in your drivetrain.

It's time for me to buy some more lube and I'm not sure what to get. I like that Pedro's has biodegradable options - in both wet and dry - a little expensive, though. Pedro's has a dry lube called Ice that sounds too cool to not try - so I may get that - or go back to good old proven if gunky wet lube… which by the way is available in High Medium and Low viscosities! I'm mean, what am I - a chemist… it's a bike - give me some lube! 


@PasadenaCyclist said...

I've been a fan of Rock n Roll red (dry) for a while. It's super clean and does a good job if you don't mind frequent applications. I've got a little collection of lubes (which you are welcome to try) but haven't liked anything else as much. Also, Finish Line has a super cool and easy applicator.

mindful mule said...

Thanks, @PasadenaCyclist. I'll add those to my list to check out - and I may drop by for a sampler...