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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

clean bottle found

I found this Clean Bottle in the gutter - at the bottom of a hill - actually my hill - or, at least, the one I ride down nearly every day - there are some bumps in the road - thank goodness - they slow the cars - so probably some bicyclist hit those downhill bumps just forcefully enough that their bottle popped out of their cage, never to be seen again - I suppose I could have left it there - or propped it up on the sidewalk where it may have been more visible and refindable, but I really had no way of knowing how much time had passed since the bottle popping out incident occurred - although, the water was warm - and so I selfishly and/or riskily grabbed the bottle and made it my own - and, anyway, it's a Clean Bottle so I shouldn't be concerned about being able to wash out a little spittle and foam… And anyway, it reminded me of my friend who has become quite famous on a certain popular afternoon television talk show, I guess you call it. He's like what I would call a sidekick - let's call him Sideshow Andy for now - he often dresses up in costumes and dances around on stage - and if you're interested in cycling - you've no doubt seen the Clean Bottle costumed man trotting alongside the peloton in Tour of Cal and perhaps others… That Clean Bottle muppet always reminded me of Sideshow Andy and so I just had to snatch up that Clean Bottle - and it's insulated! 

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