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Thursday, March 5, 2015


This is my new running mantra. It really helps me to understand and remind myself throughout the run what I need to be doing with my stride - it's amazing that after all these miles I still need to focus and keep myself running efficiently but, for me, at least, form always falls apart - I begin to wander… 

The Power part comes from a strong down step - that seems to be what generates speed.

The Glide part comes from all moments in between the Power step when everything quickly reverts to a relaxed float… a glide. 

These are two very different aspects, I know, but I feel they need to both be there in repetitive alternation for maximum speed and efficiency. 

I like the mantra for other reason, too. It reminds me of that old transmission from GM. The PowerGlide - smooth and easy and powerful and fast - like some big, blue Malibu stealing through the desert night 

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