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Sunday, August 2, 2015

humorous bike locking

One of my friends got her bike almost stolen recently. Miraculously someone saw it in progress and the thief was stopped. Unmiraculous was that I'd told her that her bike was locked up only to her front wheel and she should lock it up better and not leave it out for days at a time locked improperly. 

I do my share of improper locking myself, although, not in high traffic areas. Almost every Sunday morning I lock my bike to itself (front wheel to frame) next to my garage after pumping up the tires and otherwise prepping it for The Brunch Ride. Then I go back inside and get kitted up and such - usually only leaving the bike alone for several minutes. 

Today, though, with the recent bike theft attempt in my mind, I locked the front wheel to the frame AND an old metal tub that's great for icing down beverages on the back patio on warm summer evenings. It seemed a humorous scene, imagining someone trying to walk off with that collection of cabled together oddities. 

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