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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

eyes in the back of your head

Knowing what's going on around you in traffic is so key to safe riding. So here are two tips to knowing what's behind you without turning around.

You're riding through an intersection. An oncoming car is waiting to turn left. After you pass through they will either turn left behind you immediately or wait. If they turn immediately you generally have at least a gap of space/time behind you. If they wait to turn then there's a car bearing down on you. 

People like to wash their cars. A lot. They get them all real nice and shiny. Back tailgates and hatchbacks and bumpers and the like make for occasionally great rearview mirrors. 


JAM said...

Remember when we were kids and they had those cheap sunglasses with the little rear-view mirrors in the corners? (I mean, they probably still have them, I just don't go into those kind of joke/novelty stores anymore.)

mindful mule said...

Thanks, JAM

Ah… novelty glasses... And they even had x-ray vision… Suddenly reminiscent of those Boys Life mags…

I've tried using various rear view mirrors attached to glasses or handlebars and I find that they are so shaky/vibrated that it's often hard to view the images… said...

My first sense of what's behind me is my hearing. If I'm making a left or need to move into the lane I give a quick glance over my shoulder. It's a learned technique and it's very effective.

mindful mule said...

Thanks, Midnight. Totally agree. Sound/hearing is super important for sensing traffic.

Interesting side note: I all too often notice pedestrians stepping into the street relying solely on hearing and they step right in front of a cyclist -me!