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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

crescent moon through palm trees, endlessly

The last couple of nights there’s been a lovely crescent moonset along with one bright starset (planetset) behind a couple of palm trees up on the west ridge. It’s incredible. I’d say it’s beautiful but that’s too generic for this scene. It’s earthly, ancient, though, and then some. And, yes, it’s beautiful, for those that really appreciate the meaning of the word.

This scene feels very much like summer. Of course, the sudden spike in heat helps, too, but this evening’s silhouette of hillsides below bright celestial spheres and deep purple skies seems more significant than the temperature. It’s a calendar, reflected by the weather.

Adding to that, a display of several thunderheads from the desert to the east rose above the San Gabriel Mountains this afternoon. These giant mushroom shaped clouds reminded me of the smoke plumes from the wildfires last summer. Not quite as sinister looking as
this, but they’re sure to get bigger as the summer progresses.

So, anyway, summer is here. No longer can we/I hide behind the guise of June Gloom (which, by the way, was awesome this year – up until a couple days ago I was considering posting an entry as “the coldest summer I ever spent… was in LA 2010” – a bit of a stretched reference to the famous quote that you’re sure to know or can look up (regarding San Francisco, and apparently misquoted to Mark Twain) but it really was cool and nice for a while.

Also, even though I’ve been pretending to play it cool, I am so uber-psyched that Geoff won! Western States! So fucking! awesome! So happy and excited for you, man. Love it. Can’t even believe that we’ve exchanged comments in this blogger world. Thank you. Run on!!!

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