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Saturday, July 17, 2010

who is that girl

I was out on a short run last night after the heat broke. I saw a runner going in the opposite direction on the other side of the street. I’ve seen her around running a fair amount. Mostly I see her up on the eastern side of the Arroyo.

And I’ve seen her a few times going up the Mt Wilson trail during the race. She always seems to be right in front of me or passing me. I guess that’s the only time you’d ever see someone in a race, but in her case she’s been there a lot.

She’s got kind of an interesting gait/stride. Which is to say, it’s a bit wacky. Okay I’ll just say it, she runs like a girl. Feet kinda kicked out or in or both or something. Over the last couple years her form does seem to have straightened out a bit.

I saw her again at the end of my run. Again going the opposite direction. Based on her running routes it would seem as though she lives in South Pas.

So I looked at the standings for this year’s Mt Wilson race but was surprised to find that there were only three runners registered from South Pasadena. Woohoo, first place male - out of one! One woman, Elizabeth(28), finished about 20 minutes ahead of me – third female overall. The other, Corlyn(47), finished about 20 minutes after me.

Based on those finishing times it doesn’t seem that the runner from last night could be either of these two women. So maybe she doesn’t live in South Pas. Or maybe I really need to step up my training to avoid being crushed by the girlie runner.

I just wish I’d come to this latter conclusion in the cooler part of the year…

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