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Saturday, January 1, 2011

999 beads

On the last mile of the last run of the year I found a strand/necklace of beads. I find a lot of beads while running. Maybe I look for them. Maybe they look for me. Most of the beads I find down through the Arroyo. And most of them I end up wearing myself as is or restrung into bracelets or necklaces to fit my fashion. I like beads. It’s a little surprising that I find so many. Why are beads falling off of people in the Arroyo at such a rate? It’s not like it’s a big hippy fest down there.

At any rate, it was nice to encounter these beads as a marker for the end of the year and the achievement of mileage goals. I barely squeezed in those last miles. I had to run like hell this past week to make it official. Probably stupid and unhealthy and asking for a foot or leg injury due to increasing mileage to quickly but I just couldn’t help myself.

So now we’re all back to zero miles on the year. Time to start over. Although, we just went for three this morning so it’s already begun…

“Now Sacagawea saved the day,
She had a belt of blue.
‘Twas beaded up and beaded down
With blue beads through and through.
Please take this belt she said to them,
We can’t afford a fight
But offer them my belt of blue
And see if it is right.
No take’em, no want’em,
Gotta have blue beads, blue beads!”

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