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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Mt Wilson wins again

Pretty cool race t-shirt this year – a mule and all… Everything went about as smoothly as possible since the last post leading up to and through the race. Finished with personal second best out of five consecutive years. On the way up my mantra was “the mountain wins again…” (Blues Traveler) The way down is too fast and technical and side stitchy to have anything but emptiness of mind – partly the point of the race, I suppose, the sacred mountain path aspect. I’m about as sore as can be, but can’t wait ‘til next year. Good to recharge with all the mountain freaks!


Kriste said...

a very cool shirt! as i look at 5Ks to walk, the shirt makes it or breaks it.

mindful mule said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog, Kriste! Yeah, the T is key. I think race t-shirts make up about 80% of my wardrobe.