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Thursday, June 23, 2011

light smog

For the first time in a while I’ve been noticing the smog. It’s only mildly annoying at this point. Generally, for such a big urban area with a history of smog problems, the smog here is not bad. It used to be terrible back when I was a kid and through a lot of work we cleaned it up pretty nicely. But there’s still smog of course. Maybe it’s something I just need to re-acclimate to at the beginning of every summer. Or maybe it’s getting worse again.

The title of this post works out to be a double entendre. I think the type of smog I’m experiencing right now is photochemical smog created by the interaction between certain air pollutants and sunlight. And with these longer days around the solstice I guess we’re getting more smog producing hours. Something like that, or not.

I should probably move to someplace nice and clean and lovely. But, Brown Mountain! Oh yeah, and Lineage Dance!


Kriste said...

it was awful when we were kids! i remember playing ayso soccer and i'd be coughing the rest of the day.

i don't miss smog, light or not.

mindful mule said...

yeah, sometimes i wonder if we did permanent damage to our lungs back then – it was really bad.