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Saturday, July 9, 2011

quiet arroyo repetition (and) how blogging motivates

I went out for an arroyo run on Friday evening. It was cooling down from about an 85 degree day. It dropped down to about 75 by the end of the run. Still pretty warm but felt nice in the shady sections. I hadn’t been out there in the evening for a while. The arroyo smells different in the evening after a hot day. More pungent after a days worth of algae? growth – whatever that slimy green stuff in the still water is. But it was nice. Very few people out. Everyone was already at happy hour I guess. Very quiet.

The run itself was a bit of a slog though. I felt pretty wrecked afterward. Every joint in my body ached. I’m not sure why that would be, except that it was the end of a hot week and the end of a hot day and I’m just coming of a quick recovery period so I hadn’t gone on a long run in two weeks.

When I woke up this morning I was just planning to take it easy, maybe do an easy three. But I got a little motivation from Catra (thank you, maybe Mt.D in 2012) so I thought I’d do an arroyo repeat.

I felt a lot better running this morning. A lot of other runners out to share the experience with. All my aches had worked themselves out overnight. And I ended up running about 10 minutes faster than the night before. About three hours of total running for 20 miles in 17hours. This is the kind of repetition that I believe to be quite good for endurance. Not a bad happy hour after all.

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