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Thursday, April 17, 2014

another running dream

It used to be when I dreamed about running I'd be running away from something or trying to catch up to something… but now it's a whole new dream world and I love it… I had a dream last night about running - I've actually been having similar dreams for several months now - where I'm, like, out on a run just for the sake of running - run for the run, as I like to tell myself - it's so awesome - I'm so aware of the sensation of the footfall and foot placement and the feeling of running. In last night's dream I was running through a neighborhood to start out and I remember thinking that I could just weave my way through various networks of streets and blocks - then I arrived at track practice! Not just any imaginary dream practice but I was actually running around the track with a whole group of people who I haven't seen in like two decades! And my coach was there, too - Gary… can't remember his last name but he had a great moustache - in life and dream. It was really nice to be back with such a strong running community. I'm working on developing a strong running community again here in real life but these things take time - it will happen. Running, running, running,.. it is a cool pursuit at any age/stage/consciousness in life… peace&run

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