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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hot Saturday Run [message snippet]

Okay, so, [] I just wanted to say Hi to the running gang. I remember that one of you can't make it to the run this weekend. And I know it's going to still be quite hot. Which is why I'm just saying Hi. I don't want to push anyone to overdo it in the heat. However, I'm still hoping to run. The coordination of this run could be close to impossible because I certainly don't want to ask any of you to wake up at 5am so that we can meet in the Arroyo somewhere so that we can get our run in before the heat sets in. But at the same time too perhaps if I'm awake at that hour not that I'm going to set an alarm or anything but I'll be going for it. I'm planning to run the Arroyo and you are all welcome to join me for part or all if you can figure out what time I might be out there running. Just go out there when you wake up really early in the morning because you haven't been able to sleep quite right because of the heat and I'm sure you'll find me. Possible encounter spots include: The Casting Pond (6:35?), The Aquatic Center (6:50?), That NW corner of the Rose Bowl Loop that we've met at before (7:10?). You can try me on my tele [] but unless someone specifically requests that I do, I won't be bringing it with me so call early. Or if you don't feel like running perhaps you could bring us doughnuts! 
Thanks for reading. See you at the pub in the afternoon… 

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