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Friday, January 14, 2011

Like Denali

I’ve never been to Alaska but I’ve read a few books about the Denali region and seen some pretty great photographs of the mountain – one in particular by Ansel Adams from Wonder Lake. I like the idea of calling the mountain Denali rather than Mt. McKinley. It feels a lot more appropriate. More sacred. And it is a sacred mountain. They say that. But you can tell anyway just by looking at it. It just is.

The last few nights have given some incredible views of Brown Mountain. You know that moment when town is in shadow but the mountains are still glowing in the sunset. Alpenglow in Los Angeles – incredible, isn’t it? Purple mountain majesty on one side of each ridge and warm soft mellow powdery orange on the other.

The other night I was noticing that Denali and Brown actually share some similar features. Something about the way the ridges take their time descending from the peak. Brown is a little more flat-topped than Denali and obviously much smaller but they both hold such a strong presence – almost proud. Sacred mountain brothers.

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