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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

first rain!

First big drops and thunder and a rainbow! A good omen! It’s going to be a beautiful fucking winter! Drum bun!

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The Gypsies
by Jan Yoors


One Life at a Time, Please
by Edward Abbey

Friday, September 24, 2010

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What's that guy's name that has ridden with CICLE a few times that you may ride with occasionally on Meridian in South Pas? (Not Nate or Noah.) I've run into him on Meridian a few times lately but can't recall his name. This will probably help you identify him better: he's been wearing a helmet with the plastic shell removed - just the black foam - it actually looks pretty good that way - he may start a new trend - I may be the first to follow it - since my plastic shell is cracking off anyway. Also, looks like he's riding Shimano 600 era aero brakes and downtube shifters. It's no wonder I can't remember people's names and hardly their faces when I'm always staring at their bikes - "hey! eyes are up here, buddy!"

Have a nice weekend.
Have a nice ride.