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Saturday, December 20, 2014

a couple that bikes

Old Pasadena, Dec. 2014
Clean, shiny, vintage, and out on the town… I don't know this couple but I like the way they roll...

Friday, December 5, 2014

long december

Long december - it's one of my favorite songs - and one of my favorite months if there can be such a thing - because after this it only gets lighter - so I've revamped the blog to dark background - "and there's reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last…"

I've been thinking about the speed of walking - and how it shows you the over-zipittyness of this place - tried to walk across a street lately?

And I've been thinking about long, undocumented rides through the mountains - carrying a picnic…

And runs through the endless silent hills…

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

new brake pads

I just put new brake pads on the road bike (the Masi, aka Purple People Eater). I understand that this wouldn't normally be considered a topic of relevance for a blog post (too bore sooo many readers). However, I've had these brake pads for 10 years. It seems impossible that I've never changed them as I feel like I ride a lot. Maybe I just don't brake a lot? And it wasn't like I felt they (the old pads) were at the end of their usable lifespan. But I just got to thinking that maybe after all those years in the heat and the cold and the sun and the rain that these old pads might have lost a bit of their tackiness, their rubberiness, their squish. I haven't even taken them for a test ride yet because I didn't want to bother changing pedals (at the moment I'm sharing pedals between Masi and Centurion, aka Totally 80's!). But just the process of changing the pads was so nice - just loosening that tiny pin screw and sliding out the old pad and in the new without hardly even having to adjust the brake cable much - what a great design! And so sexy! If I notice a difference - and I think I will! - I'll do a similar swap for Totally 80's! - although in her case I'll need to replace the whole pad-and-bolt-on-mechanism because she ain't got that tiny little pin screw to slide out her old pads - upgrade! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

currently reading

Because you can't just not mention Lance.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oldest living CamelBak dies

I don't remember the exact date or year when I first got this Camelbak but it's outlasted a number of girlfriends and life changes - I'm sure I had her in '98 - so sixteen years plus or more. Tonight she died. Upon opening her up tonight the membrane around the filling port tore. But this morning she ran up Brown Mountain with me for one last time which is just how I want to go, too. Thank you Camelbak for keeping me hydrated all these years - oh the adventures we've had! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


woke up from a dream about coffee and bicycles…
or was it a dream…

Thursday, October 9, 2014

a million cars can ruin your whole day

This has happened to me a number of times lately - and I feel it's just getting worse - I've just come out of the mountains and/or some secret winding, rolling road and/or path under a dark canopy of trees only to emerge into such a steady stream of cars I can hardly believe or understand. My feelings of fatigue induced euphoria are quickly stomped on by the speed and rush and hurry and the cold steel feel of a car unthoughtfully buzzing by. And so sometimes I just pull over and wait. It's a long wait. But I figure it might save my life. And I wonder if car drivers ever do the same - wait - for anyone… I hope I do when I'm behind the wheel but I've got a different perspective - after so much time on bike and foot - so, I try - and I do see other car drivers trying and I greatly appreciate it - but, still, I get confused - a bicycle is not an anomaly - I know cars pass bicycles all the time - but each time a car driver passes me I feel like it's the first time they've ever done it - too much uncertainty - or worse, too much disregard… we are humans, all - traveling humans… 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

clean bottle found

I found this Clean Bottle in the gutter - at the bottom of a hill - actually my hill - or, at least, the one I ride down nearly every day - there are some bumps in the road - thank goodness - they slow the cars - so probably some bicyclist hit those downhill bumps just forcefully enough that their bottle popped out of their cage, never to be seen again - I suppose I could have left it there - or propped it up on the sidewalk where it may have been more visible and refindable, but I really had no way of knowing how much time had passed since the bottle popping out incident occurred - although, the water was warm - and so I selfishly and/or riskily grabbed the bottle and made it my own - and, anyway, it's a Clean Bottle so I shouldn't be concerned about being able to wash out a little spittle and foam… And anyway, it reminded me of my friend who has become quite famous on a certain popular afternoon television talk show, I guess you call it. He's like what I would call a sidekick - let's call him Sideshow Andy for now - he often dresses up in costumes and dances around on stage - and if you're interested in cycling - you've no doubt seen the Clean Bottle costumed man trotting alongside the peloton in Tour of Cal and perhaps others… That Clean Bottle muppet always reminded me of Sideshow Andy and so I just had to snatch up that Clean Bottle - and it's insulated! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

currently reading

Murder in the High Himalaya: loyalty, tragedy, and escape from Tibet.
by Jonathan Green, 2010.
Intense and upsetting but a story that must be told, read - and current events, no less!

p.s. - for those of you who haven't been in a while, that's the library in the photo… get there.

Friday, September 26, 2014

cool breeze

a cool breeze blowing in as the sun goes down 
ushers in our first cool weekend of fall
windows opened to pull it inside 

summer's not gone
supposed to be a hundred again next weekend
but only eighty tomorrow 
for a run up Brown Mountain

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the last hot day is the best hot day

Sycamore Skye
We've made it through the summer. A hundred degrees today. A few rain drops on the back porch for happy hour. This Sycamore might not make it to next summer. But she likes today. A beautiful hot goodnight summer day, evening. Goodnight Sycamore, goodnight…

p.s. - maybe the mule is ready for a revamp…

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

typical friday night

wine and inner tubes

Had to move the operation to the laundry/garage due to lack of light (I like this photo) (the crayon marks the spot of the puncture!)
And… for the record: it's goathead season! Look it up if you must. Or imagine a spiky seedpod that penetrates all and everything. It was a goathead that popped BOB's tire that you see pictured above.

And… I know you won't believe this, but my shoe picked up at least a dozen goatheads on this morning's run - on one shoe!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

family portrait

Ceramics by Hugh Watts

Friday, August 29, 2014

trimming the hems

After another summer of running with drenched clothing that gets lower and heavier with every drop of sweat that won't or can't evaporate quickly enough I've begun to consider some options and take on a few experiments. 

One item of clothing which could be helpful is the running singlet, aka a tank top. But I somehow feel like I'm too old to wear those now - although I used to. Also, I've developed some killer cycling/farmer tan lines and it would take quite a while to recolor the bare spots. 

Shorter running shorts: same as above - but I might just try it again anyway.

What I have been able to agree on for the present moment is to trim off the hems on my running shirts. Now it may not seem like that would really make much difference but because they double over on themselves they actually represent a fair amount of water holding, weight adding fabric.

So far I've experimented only with my least favorite running shirt, of course. I used scissors to trim off the hems on the sleeves and around the waist. I left the stitching of the hem, though, to maintain some amount of form to the garment. So far I've left the one around the neck but depending on the shirt I may trim those off, too. 

Next up I suppose will be to trim off any hems on shorts and their linings. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

things found in the road

A neat threaded linky thingy

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

currently reading

Eat & Run: my unlikely journey to ultra marathon greatness
by Scott Jurek, 2012

(in transit from Glendale)

Flow: the psychology of optimal experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 1990/2008

Friday, July 25, 2014

wet vs. dry lube

Chain oil. It's the one bike maintenance thing we all know about and know how to use. But when you start to think about it too much it can really leave you uncertain about which of several available bottles of lube one should buy and apply. 

I'm just coming to the end of a bottle of White Lightning Clean Lube, I think their calling it now, and while I sort of liked it I also found it to be very messy in it's application and not very long lasting. I did like that, as a dry lube, it had a waxy coating that flakes off as you ride and presumably takes away dirt with it. So all my drivetrains are much cleaner and clearer than ever before. But it seems to only last a week or two and when it goes it goes fast - one moment you're riding along fine and the next there's a family of baby mice squeaking in your drivetrain.

It's time for me to buy some more lube and I'm not sure what to get. I like that Pedro's has biodegradable options - in both wet and dry - a little expensive, though. Pedro's has a dry lube called Ice that sounds too cool to not try - so I may get that - or go back to good old proven if gunky wet lube… which by the way is available in High Medium and Low viscosities! I'm mean, what am I - a chemist… it's a bike - give me some lube! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

toe socks!

I don't know why I ever waited so long to try these! I've completed two long runs in them now and they're great! Cozy and smooth. And they make me want to go running…

Thursday, June 26, 2014

23 to 25 to 26 to 28mm

I've tried them all now - all that will fit - and I have to say that wider is better. Talking about tire width here, of course. And maybe I've just fallen too hard for the articles and research by Jan Heine but I really do think he's onto something big - BIG! None of my friends that I ride with will believe me or even try out a lower tire pressure. Suit yourself is all I can say - but know that it comes at the cost of discomfort and slower speed. And more flats! 

So, on Totally 80's I can run 28s - on Purple People Eater I can run 26s. They're both still at about the same PSI: 70/75 (front/rear) but I'd like to experiment with dropping T80s on her 28s down to 70 in the rear. 

It does feel a little different - and I can understand that someone might say that it "feels slow" however I'm more and more convinced that our brains aren't equipped to judge bicycle speed and only factor in higher vibration as higher speed which doesn't correlate to the clock. 

So just try it - drop your pressure… it's the new revolution… 

And the next question is: Should I pursue a frame that will fit even wider tires

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

cycling cap fetish

I've got a bunch of cycling caps now that I've collected over the years. There's just something so sexy about a cycling cap. I can't even explain it. I hardly ever even wear them but when I find one that matches one of my bikes or from a favorite team I've just got to add it to the collection. Enter Tarik Saleh Bike Club. Tarik gets it. He knows we all want another bitchin' cycling cap. And we want to belong. He started a club. You should join. It's fun. And now I've got another cap - and buttons! Thanks, Moscaline! I love the cap! Peace&Ride 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bishop Run Photo Sesh...

I don't normally purchase race photos - in fact this is the first one I ever have - maybe it's some sort of aging and realization of the aging and/or I just really like this race and/or this area and I want to support it - but at any rate here's a photo of me running - I should probably turn the background into a painting…

p.s. - this is at about 5-miles and my bottle shouldn't be so full!

p.p.s. - run like the wind…

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

currently reading

Strides; running through history with an unlikely athlete
by Benjamin Cheever, 2007


Brain Training for Runners; a revolutionary new training system to improve endurance, speed, health, and results
by Matt Fitzgerald, 2007

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bishop, California

There's a little mountain town about a half day's drive to the north that has become a new annual pilgrimage for me. Bishop has actually always been on a pilgrimage route for me, but in the past it was still just a passing through spot, whereas now it's the destination. I went up there last May and last weekend for a long trail run event. Both times I chose the shortest of the four run options that are offered but still a pretty long way for me to run (fa). The run, or race as it's called, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are the reasons for the pilgrimage - a yearly test and remembrance, of sorts. But the town of Bishop is quickly drawing more and more of my interest as well. I can't quite figure it out - like, what exactly goes on there for most of the year. But based on the title of this blog I have to say that any town with an annual festival called Mule Day's (every Memorial Day - Mindful and I just missed it, again!) has got to be of value. Of note this visit were all the "Dudes" cruising around on old mountain bikes and beach cruisers - it's a pretty flat town considering the steepness of the mountains that surround it and I guess the bike just makes sense there to a lot of folks in a way that it just doesn't to other people in other places. But these guys just cruise down to some local spot and every body knows them and they don't lock up their bikes because they'll just be a moment. Everyone else seems to be driving an old pickup truck or Subaru - but everyone treats pedestrians like royalty - it's so nice to be able to walk across a street super mellow like…. 
Sierra Nevada Mountains from Bishop, California

Saturday, May 10, 2014

if you're going to be a cycling freak…...

…you're going to need... 
…some vintage, matching...

…toe clip shoes!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

the walk of shame

I got a flat tire yesterday! The first road bike flat I've had in years! I was close to home (and at the end of a ride anyway) so I walked home in my tap shoes. About half a mile. That seemed reasonable. Fix the tube in peace at home with a cool drink. But it got me to thinking, what's the longest distance that I would walk instead of fixing the flat on the road? I once fixed a flat a mile from home. If I was in regular shoes I'd probably walk that now. Cycling shoes maybe not. But I guess there are differing factors on different days/rides. Weather. Shoe of the day. Other commitments to attend to. Preparedness - shouldn't we always be prepared? Severity of the flat or if the tire is damaged - this one turned out to be a triple puncture. Hopefully I won't have to consider this again for some time. Which reminds me, I've got to pick up a new tube at the LBS...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

currently reading

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the greatest race ever run.
by Matt Fitzgerald, 2011

Hopefully this is just some sort of '80s (1989) competition fetish and not something that is brewing for my future… 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hot Saturday Run [message snippet]

Okay, so, [] I just wanted to say Hi to the running gang. I remember that one of you can't make it to the run this weekend. And I know it's going to still be quite hot. Which is why I'm just saying Hi. I don't want to push anyone to overdo it in the heat. However, I'm still hoping to run. The coordination of this run could be close to impossible because I certainly don't want to ask any of you to wake up at 5am so that we can meet in the Arroyo somewhere so that we can get our run in before the heat sets in. But at the same time too perhaps if I'm awake at that hour not that I'm going to set an alarm or anything but I'll be going for it. I'm planning to run the Arroyo and you are all welcome to join me for part or all if you can figure out what time I might be out there running. Just go out there when you wake up really early in the morning because you haven't been able to sleep quite right because of the heat and I'm sure you'll find me. Possible encounter spots include: The Casting Pond (6:35?), The Aquatic Center (6:50?), That NW corner of the Rose Bowl Loop that we've met at before (7:10?). You can try me on my tele [] but unless someone specifically requests that I do, I won't be bringing it with me so call early. Or if you don't feel like running perhaps you could bring us doughnuts! 
Thanks for reading. See you at the pub in the afternoon… 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

half-life of running shoes

The "new" shoes have run halfway to joining the 1000 Mile Club - at which point they will be retired -  because I've got to pick some kind of random number and that seems as good as any. They, the shoes, look and feel in pretty good shape still. There's a small hole in each upper near the little toe contact point. This holes developed probably within the first 100 miles and hasn't changed much since. 

I'm enjoying the shoes - even though they may be a half size too big - I didn't realize they were 2E wide when I first got them - but they're fine - they don't fall off, right…

Oh, for those of you that aren't keeping close track of what I've been running in, they're New Balance 730GB2. They have a 4mm drop from heel to toe - not much drop - so, a low heal and therefore a natural-er footfall. They're fairly close to what one might call a minimalist running shoe but with just enough heal to make downhill running a little nicer and faster. 

Towards the beginning of their running life, right around the time those two holes developed, I wasn't too confident that they'd ever join the 1000 Mile Club. Now I think they've got a good shot - even though, if they do make it, it will likely be just barely - they may disintegrate at quadruple digits. 

Already, they seem to have been swept from the shelves and discontinued. Always a temptation to stock up on a bunch of shoes when you find one you like to avoid this type of situation but I'm sure when the time comes "a [shoe] will rise…" 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

another running dream

It used to be when I dreamed about running I'd be running away from something or trying to catch up to something… but now it's a whole new dream world and I love it… I had a dream last night about running - I've actually been having similar dreams for several months now - where I'm, like, out on a run just for the sake of running - run for the run, as I like to tell myself - it's so awesome - I'm so aware of the sensation of the footfall and foot placement and the feeling of running. In last night's dream I was running through a neighborhood to start out and I remember thinking that I could just weave my way through various networks of streets and blocks - then I arrived at track practice! Not just any imaginary dream practice but I was actually running around the track with a whole group of people who I haven't seen in like two decades! And my coach was there, too - Gary… can't remember his last name but he had a great moustache - in life and dream. It was really nice to be back with such a strong running community. I'm working on developing a strong running community again here in real life but these things take time - it will happen. Running, running, running,.. it is a cool pursuit at any age/stage/consciousness in life… peace&run

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

currently reading

Come and Gone: a true story of blur-collar bike racing in America
by Joe Parkin, 2010

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mtb-ing on Brown again - fun fun

Humble Horse at Tri-way-intersection on Brown

Normally Sunday mornings are especially reserved for the Brunch Ride (road ride). However, last week I got an invitation to ride mountain bikes on Brown from an old HS friend. I hadn't ridden up there for like half a year. And I had to jump at the invitation. Thanks CW! It was great to be up there on a bike again - even though I'd just been at that exact spot in the photo 24 hours before on foot. Coming down was a huge challenge. I don't think I've ridden El Prieto (semi technical single track) since before the fires - circa 2009 - and it's changed a lot - it's more technical - and in those few short years my technical riding skills have gone from low-to-moderate to absolute-zero - serves me right for spending so much time on the dark side - with the roadies! I liked the look of this lay-out of our bikes as we rested at the apex of our ride… something about the early morning sunlight… 

Monday, March 10, 2014

peace on the down-tube

I had a great long ride this past weekend through wine country. It was an organized century sorta thing but the real greatness was just riding all day with some friends and spinning spinning sinning those cranks even over those rough roads - no matter - just ride - just spin. 

I rode "Totally 80's!" which was interesting. Most of the people on this ride were on new-ish carbon fiber dealios. One guy I talked to at a rest stop/aid station commented on how "pretty vintage" my bike was - but not like "Vintage!, that's bitchin'!," but like Vintage, "I poopoo at you." 

But whatever, maybe it was the wrong crowd to impress with an older bike. However, I came across one gentleman late in the ride who was riding a very similar bike - a Centurion, even - a Dave Scott model - and as we passed I called out, "Hey, nice bike," and he glanced over at mine and got it and said, "it's an '85" and I said, "I'm an "88!" 

I'm an '88. I caught on to that a few moments after I said it but realized how accurate the statement was because at that moment T80's and I were not separate entities but one - rolling, performing together.

There were a few other older steeds out there of course. And the first one I came across around a quarter of the way through the ride I realized that we, the older steeded riders, needed a gang sign/hand signal and all of a sudden without forethought I flashed this rider a peace sign - and simultaneously understood what that sign represented - peace, sure, but also a perfect visual of the shifters on the down tube. 

So for the rest of the day I flashed the secret sign to vintage down tube riders and hoped that some of them caught on. 

Down-tube shifters, baby! - what's good enough for Miguel Indurain is good enough for me… 

Packed and ready...
It's all downhill from here...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

can't wait to ride, dude

Yesterday I heard myself mumble these words, "I can't wait to ride, Dude." Interestingly enough, I was in the act, so to speak, of riding a bike (Mindful Mule) at the time these words came out from somewhere within. But there are rides and there are rides. And somehow riding The Mule loaded with supplies to Tujunga doesn't have the same feel as, say, riding Purple People Eater, unencumbered, to Tujunga. But I think what I was trying to tell myself was that, even in that moment, it felt great to be riding, and I was ready, peaked, you might say, and just in time for Solvang (that wino ride). I haven't been on a program or schedule or anything - I think you all must know that by now - The Mule does what feels right. But I just feel ready for anything right now - in running, too - but especially cycling - Will Cycle for the Opportunity to Cycle. I saw a gal running on this same ride mentioned above. She was wearing a t-shirt that said: Run2BeGreat - and I loved it - I love that - that's it - that's all I need - running makes you great - riding makes you great… and if there's a bit of the dude in my vernacular then take it for what you will, man. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

afraid of water, steel

Over the last year or so I've become very focused on taking in electrolytes during a run. It's even overflown into my biking. (And my gardening!) Always there must be salts in the water bottle. And it does help. Or, I should say, they do - the salts. I'm just sick of bonking. And there's a lot of activity going on in my life. I just don't have the time anymore for sacrifice zones. So there are always salts.

But what happens when there aren't? When you head out for an unplanned run with no electrolyte mix and, heaven forbid, no snacks! I was lured into a situation like this just a few days ago. It was one of those "3 hour tour" scenarios. "Don't worry, Darling, we'll just go out for a quick jaunt." But, Honey, wouldn't you like me to put some EmergenC in the water?" "Um, no thanks." My heart and stomach and soul drop. But I carry on - convincing myself to believe this story of "we'll be fine." 

And we were. We were fine. We went out for a playful 90 minutes. No big deal. No speed. Even a long break at the playground. Probably a good practice - to break away from our attachments once in a while - but oh, my concern - what do you mean no salts! What, are we supposed to drink just pure water - Neat - like monkeys?!

On are related bit of anxious fixation… I've got that once a year all day group ride through wine country coming up in two weeks and I'm really temped, in fact leaning toward riding Totally 80's - the 1988 Steel Road Bike - Centurion Prestige. She's a real nice bike, and smooth - oooh, so smooth. So why is it that it's such a big deal - that people will comment on the fact that I need to upgrade - that I'm concerned about the possible increase in effort it may take to complete the route - the extra 5% added to my finish time - that I might not be the first one to arrive back at the house/bar… when a) it's not a race; and b) the idea is to have the Opportunity to ride All Day; and c) it's only 161kms…

But one thing is damn sure: I'll be loading up with snacks and salts for the ride… 

Note the "pink water" - Totally 80's

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pedal Wrench in My Pocket

Last weekend's ride: It started out cool and crisp. But I wasn't thinking much about the temperature - for once! My mind was focused on the ride, the task. One of the riders I was meeting needed to swap out his pedals before the ride. And I have a pedal wrench! Suddenly I wasn't just riding to another regular Sunday morning Brunch Ride but I had a deeper purpose - I was a team member - a mechanic. I could feel that thin flat wrench in the back third of my jersey pockets as I rode to our meeting point - the pub!, of course. And somehow that knowledge, that sensation set a wonderful, magical chain of events in progress. I couldn't feel no cold. I wasn't thinking about the ride to which I was riding to. I was riding. I was cycling. I was cycling with a pedal wrench in my left rear jersey pocket. And what is more an indicator of arrival? - I can't possibly imagine. To add to all this, I was on the steel road bike, Totally 80's, and for some reason that morning everything was coming together, so to speak, just right. There were no thoughts of comfort or geometry - just ride-pedal-smooth-cruise-glide… These are the moments that we, that I ride for… these are the moments…  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

almost went running today

Trail Runner magazine sends out emails with links to their available online articles pretty frequently - seems like a least twice a week. I'm not sure why they send them to me as I haven't subscribed to the magazine for some time now. But I'm not complaining. It's nice to read an article once in a while. Sometimes they can even be inspiring. Like today. I read an article that made me want to go running even though there was some light rain passing through. I got all dressed up in running clothes and was ready to hit the street. But it had started raining just a little heavier now. So I though well I'll just wait it out a bit and maybe it will clear up - I'm just waiting for my set, I thought - any moment now. I left my running clothes on but I got a little side tracked by another task. And it kept raining. My window of available time was closing too. And it was getting dark. And it was raining. I put my house clothes back on. Maybe tomorrow… 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saddle Up for Winter

I raised the saddle height on The Mule by 5mm the other day. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot but it is - it's really noticeable. There used to be those stories about Lance Armstrong's mechanics messing around with him by moving one part or another by like a millimeter or two and he, according to the story, was able to tell straight away what was off and or adjusted improperly. And I believe it. If 5mm is huge. Then the "best" cyclist in the world should, at the very least, notice half that (2.5mm) and likely half of that again. (1.25mm). But this isn't about that or him - of course!, this is about The Mule! And me. And I really noticed a 5mm adjustment. But the real point of this post is that I've realized that there needs to be different seat/saddle height settings throughout the year. In the summer I end up riding The Mule in sandals a lot. It's hot out and the cool breeze on my toes feels nice. But my sandals don't have a very think sole. What's the difference in thickness, you ask - oh, about 5mms probably. Aha! So there we have it - in the winter one must raise their saddle height by 5mm to accommodate the thicker soled riding shoes. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

pulling teeth

I've invited several people out tomorrow morning, Saturday at 9:30am, to have their teeth pulled. I've made this same offer to more or less the same group of people over the last year or more. For a while it seemed like there was some interest. Now, for several months, it's just been the one taker - he must have a pain threshold issue. But really, why is it so hard to get your friends from the pub to come out on a Saturday morning to get their teeth pulled? I mean, there's a time to drink and a time not to. Or maybe I'm off. Maybe I just don't get it. It's hard enough to get many of them to even respond to such an invitation. It's as if I'm trying to get them out to do something as terrible as going for a run in the hills!…

Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Mules

I saw 3 Mules walking down the road the other day!