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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 and 1/2 mile sweater season

Sweater season started this morning. Or false started, I guess I should say. The sweater only stayed on for about 4.5 miles into the morning ride. And the day ended up around 85 degrees. And the forecast for the next several days is back up to 95. But we're past the equinox now and it's just a matter of time before sweater season really tucks in for those early morning and late evening rides. Get cozy. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Brunch Ride

T. Phillip's Alehouse and Grill
Glendora, California
I loved this place. Never been to Glendora before. Cool little revitalized "old town" district with lot's of nice restaurants to choose from. We, 4 riders, chose the one with a cool, dark bar with lots and lots of beer taps and a bison, 2 wild pigs, and one of those rabbits with antlers mounted on the walls. Really, can't wait to go back. Great spot. Great salad for me. And great looking burgers and omelettes for the others. And peanut shells on the floor. And like ten taps of Stone Brewery - nice, nice. Oh, and 32 ounce mugs of ice water to accompany our thirst from the ride out there. Like fifty miles and change. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

1000 Mile Club

Many running shoe stores and companies recommend retiring your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles as the materials begin to break down. While I agree that a fresh pair of trainers is always delightful I have to suggest that taking advice from the party that will be taking your money might be a bit foolish. So I've started a new club. And just today this pair of New Balance joined the last pair of Adidas as its only members - two in a row to 1000. Will the new Mizunos be next?

Friday, September 14, 2012

biker bar

After Sunday's ride I dropped by the pub for a few pints. It was hot and humid so the dark, cool interior invited me inside - away from my usual patio preference. After sitting at the bar for a while I noticed that my Look-style cleats rested nicely over the edge of the foot rail (is that what that's called? kick rail?). I had the thought that it would be even better if you could actually clip into the rail. That would keep you nicely grounded to the bar and focused on the task at hand - the pints! I suppose a real biker bar should have variously compatible pedal systems installed on the rail to satisfy their clientele's varying bike/shoe/pedal preferences. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

best dressed run

After watching the Bruin victory at the bar last night I ran home to celebrate. To be more clear, the run was the celebration. Earlier in the day I'd been at a dress-up event and I was still wearing long pants, dress shirts and Birkenstock shoes. And it was night, dark, about 9pm. It might be hard to imagine but I've often found that these types of runs turn out to be the best. They're just so far from the norm of my running that it all seems new and fun. I was, of course, somewhat concerned about blisters developing from the run in the Birks so was ever so careful to monitor my feet. And equally careful to be present to each footfall, using a slightly modified fore-mid-foot landing with each step. The only modification to the outfit was to lose a few buttons on the shirt, including the cuffs, and untuck, of course. It was a warm night - maybe in the seventies and a little more humid than normal for here. But the run went surprisingly smoothly. Kinda in the vein of that rain ride the other day I just kept thinking This is so rad! I was conscious of the fact that I looked a bit out of place so tried to choose quieter streets to get home so as not to draw attention. And walked across intersections for same purpose. Only saw one cop - tried not to make eye contact - but what are they going to do - give me an RUI? I don't think so. It felt great, though, this run. And I'm left only with slightly sore calfs this morning. It really made me want to do more running. Probably not in the same outfit but more running through town at night - it's a fun time to be on foot and about for checking out the scene. And a pretty efficient way to travel - and cheaper than the train ride home that I was originally planning. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

out of the darkness, into the light

For a long time now I've preferred cheap headlights. In part because they get stolen anyway and I really don't like to disassemble my bike each time I park. But I've had a few experiences lately where car drivers didn't see me. I always assume that they don't see me so it was no big deal. And in fact they probably only didn't see my light because the batteries were low. My rechargeable batteries were stolen along with the light they were in a few months ago so I would have had to get some new batteries. But then I got to thinking. Why not get a new light with a rechargeable battery already installed - one that you can recharge on a USB port - one that's really hecka bright - 300 lumens - and just slide it off its clamp each time you park and don't take it out during the day. So I did. It's a Cygolite. Made in California! I got it at Rivendell. Along with a couple new water bottles and stainless cages 'cause I don't want no more rattles. Just try and not see me now…