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Friday, November 30, 2012

slow motion dream running

I had one of those slow motion dreams last night. Where you're trying to get somewhere in a hurry but as hard as you try you can only run in ultra-slo-mo. Those used to be so frustrating. But now I've discovered that ultra-slo-mo dreams are a great opportunity to practice form running! I did about a mile of perfect foot placement along some unknown sidewalk - felt a little like Orange Grove Blvd. if it were in Idyllwild. In addition to foot placement I was really focused on forward acceleration/explosiveness with each individual leg/foot/hip group. Another dream breakthrough was that I actually, eventually made it to where I was going. Hopefully some of all this will seep into reality soon… 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rubber bands, man

Now that the temps have dropped a bit I've been wearing long pants for my evening rides into town. For years I've been a roll-up-your-pant-cuffs kind of guy. I'd usually do two neat folds on both sides - so they match - otherwise I might always be turning right - or left(?). Suddenly, this season, things have changed and I've grown into that weird eccentric bicycle man that wears rubber bands around his ankles to hold his cuffs in place. When off the bike/in the pub you can leave the rubber bands on you ankle under the pant cuffs for quick storage and retrieval. I'm okay with this development. In fact, perhaps, almost proud - or happy about it, anyway, and hope to see further developments along these lines into the future. It's what the Mule would want. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Telltale Laundry

Why is there so much synthetic cycling/running wear in my laundry? It's more than half the load! I should get a prize - confetti and streamers falling from the ceiling and loud sirens wailing and flashing as if I were the Millionth shopper at the Quickie Mart or something. Maybe I've been putting in more miles. Or maybe I wear the same everyday-clothes over and over again too much. Or maybe it's just winter and I have to wear several layers at once...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Did I already run today?

So often these days, by the time it gets to evening I'm ready to go for a run, my legs feeling the pull. But then I take pause for a moment, trying to recall if perhaps I've already gone running today, this morning. It doesn't even seem to matter what distance I've gone earlier in the day - long or short - I just don't recall. Not that I'm opposed to running twice in a day - I actually think it's a pretty great way to ramp up. But sometimes I feel like I need the rest - like now, with another race in 10 days. I just find it rather amusing that I have to literally ask myself and nearly every time I do the answer is yes. But it's sometimes a little depressing (especially on a day like today - dark and drizzle), too, because, well, then what… if no run? 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

running to the moon on brown mountain

Approaching the top of the trail by mid-morning, the still plump moon sunk slowly over the ridge, feeling very close by, a friend to the mountain.