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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bishop Run Photo Sesh...

I don't normally purchase race photos - in fact this is the first one I ever have - maybe it's some sort of aging and realization of the aging and/or I just really like this race and/or this area and I want to support it - but at any rate here's a photo of me running - I should probably turn the background into a painting…

p.s. - this is at about 5-miles and my bottle shouldn't be so full!

p.p.s. - run like the wind…

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

currently reading

Strides; running through history with an unlikely athlete
by Benjamin Cheever, 2007


Brain Training for Runners; a revolutionary new training system to improve endurance, speed, health, and results
by Matt Fitzgerald, 2007

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bishop, California

There's a little mountain town about a half day's drive to the north that has become a new annual pilgrimage for me. Bishop has actually always been on a pilgrimage route for me, but in the past it was still just a passing through spot, whereas now it's the destination. I went up there last May and last weekend for a long trail run event. Both times I chose the shortest of the four run options that are offered but still a pretty long way for me to run (fa). The run, or race as it's called, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are the reasons for the pilgrimage - a yearly test and remembrance, of sorts. But the town of Bishop is quickly drawing more and more of my interest as well. I can't quite figure it out - like, what exactly goes on there for most of the year. But based on the title of this blog I have to say that any town with an annual festival called Mule Day's (every Memorial Day - Mindful and I just missed it, again!) has got to be of value. Of note this visit were all the "Dudes" cruising around on old mountain bikes and beach cruisers - it's a pretty flat town considering the steepness of the mountains that surround it and I guess the bike just makes sense there to a lot of folks in a way that it just doesn't to other people in other places. But these guys just cruise down to some local spot and every body knows them and they don't lock up their bikes because they'll just be a moment. Everyone else seems to be driving an old pickup truck or Subaru - but everyone treats pedestrians like royalty - it's so nice to be able to walk across a street super mellow like…. 
Sierra Nevada Mountains from Bishop, California

Saturday, May 10, 2014

if you're going to be a cycling freak…...

…you're going to need... 
…some vintage, matching...

…toe clip shoes!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

the walk of shame

I got a flat tire yesterday! The first road bike flat I've had in years! I was close to home (and at the end of a ride anyway) so I walked home in my tap shoes. About half a mile. That seemed reasonable. Fix the tube in peace at home with a cool drink. But it got me to thinking, what's the longest distance that I would walk instead of fixing the flat on the road? I once fixed a flat a mile from home. If I was in regular shoes I'd probably walk that now. Cycling shoes maybe not. But I guess there are differing factors on different days/rides. Weather. Shoe of the day. Other commitments to attend to. Preparedness - shouldn't we always be prepared? Severity of the flat or if the tire is damaged - this one turned out to be a triple puncture. Hopefully I won't have to consider this again for some time. Which reminds me, I've got to pick up a new tube at the LBS...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

currently reading

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the greatest race ever run.
by Matt Fitzgerald, 2011

Hopefully this is just some sort of '80s (1989) competition fetish and not something that is brewing for my future…