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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

shower almonds

So you’ve all heard of the “shower beer…” That’s okay, I don’t think I’d really grasped the widespread nature of the phenomenon either. I guess the idea is that you get home after a long bike ride or run or day at work and you take a nice cold beer with you into the shower to enjoy and get the evening started and/or multitask and/or drink in private/secret, later tossing the can out the bathroom window, hoping to get it over the fence into your neighbors yard where it will sit in the weeds under the rotting ’72 Plymouth. I’m assuming the use of canned beer here although I don’t really know the protocol. I figure No Glass in the Shower is a reasonable policy. Of course, I wonder, too, is the beer sipped? Or chugged? Does one turn the shower off during the period of time when one is drinking the beer and not actually making use of the water which is swiftly running down the drain to the ocean, this being a drought and all and water being a most valuable resource as we head straight away into the future. It does sound lovely. I can imagine it’s like drinking beer in a Jacuzzi. That’s always been fun. I can see the draw. Personally, though, I don’t think I need to find any more places to call drinking places in my life, mine being mostly happy hour after happy hour anyway… I do subscribe to the importance of some quick recovery foods after a period of activity and recently having discovered a small container of almonds and chia seeds left over from a long run in my pocket as I stepped into the shower - yes, why not pre-rinse those stinky synthetic fibers! - I enjoyed my post run protein recovery snack… in the shower.