photo block

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

to protect and ride


JustinM said...

I just walked right there earlier today. Didn't see the bike though, it must not be a permanent home.

mindful mule said...

The Mule just stopped by for a 30 second photo shoot with the cop bikes. I’ve been wanting to take that photo for a long time and finally circumstances with me and camera and cop bikes all lined up. The photo isn’t great. Ideally I’d have parked right next to the cop bikes and taken it from an angle that would show the lineup of bikes a little better but I didn’t want to look suspicious or get a j-walking ticket. Also, it would have been dreamy to have cops sitting on their bikes and me sitting on the mule all in a tight line with everybody wearing those cop mirror sunglasses and looking stern over at the camera with left hands on the clutch and right hands on their hips. Somehow I don’t think that photo session will ever develop for me.

JustinM said...

True perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself.