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Monday, June 10, 2024

300 to 500 to 1000 and More!

It certainly seems like running shoes have come a long was over the decades. They're lighter, have more cushioning, more specific foot support, and they even last a really long time. Still, though, the old industry standard of recommending that running shoes be replaced every three to five hundred mies is still in place. My most recent pair of running shoes just hit the three hundred mile mark and they're basically in perfect condition. They look brand new even. My previous pair ran me up to one thousand miles. That's been sorta of my goal for my running shoes over the years and I've taken perhaps ten or more pairs that distance. And, yes, by then they're usually showing signs of wear. I can't say I could recommend anyone run in the same shoes for that long but I wonder if maybe that industry standard could be pushed up to at least 500 - I mean, just get rid of that 300 business. Especially considering how expensive running shoes can be - $100 on sale?! LOL. There are better deals than that if you search around, of course. I suppose one could easily argue that a hundred bucks for 300 hundred miles isn't such a bad deal after all. 33 cents a mile for your health? Still worth it for many people I suppose. 

But then what do you do with your shoes when they've reached whatever distance you've chosen for them to retire. I mean, running is hard on the body which is why we need proper running shoes in good condition. But after lets say 500 miles of running your shoes should still look pretty good and should still be safe to walk in, to garden in, to bike in, to hike in, to sit at the pub in. 

There are recycling programs for old shoes and there are many folks that could use a good pair of cheap shoes from the thrift shop. But I often get attached to my shoes! Not very mindful of me I know. But still. I've got like a whole dang closet full of 1000-Mile Shoe Club members - it's ridiculous but true. Because what if someday, someday... someday what? I don't even know. I should get rid of them. The closet will have lots more space and probably smell a whole lot better too! 

Definitely keeping a few pairs though!

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