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Thursday, January 19, 2012

desperately seeking bungee cord

The bungee cord that I use on my bike basket has been fraying now for several months and it’s getting pretty close to losing all of its strands of rubber that make up the cord.

Normally, when I’m not looking to replace my bungee cord, I find these things lying in the road like almost everyday. Bungee cords and gloves and ear buds – free for the taking.

But as soon as you start looking for one thing in particular it seems to stop turning up around every corner. I feel like I haven’t seen a bungee cord lying around for a year.

It’s not an option to buy a new one because I know that just as soon as I strap that new cord to my bike and pedal off I’ll find one waiting for me in the road.

What I’ll probably end up doing soon is just shortening the cord that I have now by cutting it off at the frayed section and replacing the hook down where it’s still fully operational. All you have to do is slide the cord through the eye of the hook and fold it over on itself once – then you staple it down and it holds forever.

Staple seems like the right word to use. In the bungee cord factory (what a tour that would be!) they probably have a robot that staples the ends together. In the past, when refurbishing another bungee cord, I used a discarded nail bent over itself in three equal lengths – staple-like, but super heavy duty staple-like ‘cause just your average stapler won’t hold the trick.

At first thought it seems like tying a knot in the end of the bungee should work and it probably would but it would end up being and looking very bulky and actually taking up a surprising amount of your cord.

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